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Excavations to kick start stage one of our Surgical Services Expansion project begin this week in the basement directly under the old gift shop.

The upgrade, which is being undertaken in nine stages and is scheduled to finish in the first half of 2023, will boost the number of operating theatres to eight and increase the amount of public surgery the DHB can undertake each year.

Chief operating officer Chris Ash says stage one of project will take six months.

"Stage one involves seismic strengthening of the theatre area and building a link bridge between the top floor of Ruakopito – the hospitals gastroentology and endoscopy services building – and the theatre block where staff facilities, such as the change rooms and meeting rooms are located.

Temporary walls around the main reception area and scaffolding near the main entrance has been erected.

Mr Ash says people in the area are also likely to hear noise, but the team is working to minimise this and keep staff and patients informed of any disruption that may affect them.

Here’s what we can expect this week: 

Monday 11 January to Friday 15 January  

(Night works)

Basement excavations between 7pm and 3am

This work has been planned during these night time hours to lessen the impact on staff and patients as much as possible.

Excavation works in the basement will begin. This involves using a sucker truck (like a giant vacuum cleaner) near the main entrance to suck excavated material out of the basement. It will create some noise from 7pm–3am, which may be heard in the tower block.

(Day works)

Basement drilling and scabbling between 5am and 3pm

This Wednesday, 13 January, daytime works will begin with scabbling (jack hammering) and drilling work in the basement for seismic strengthening. This work is expected to happen between 5am and 3pm.

There will be noise around the site and we will continue to work closely with staff (particularly main reception and volunteers) to ensure safety and wellbeing is maintained.

*Please note that project dates are indicative only and are subject to change. We are working closely with staff and patients to minimise disruption as much as possible and ensure safety.

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