Link bridge

Construction work for the Surgical Services Expansion this week is as follows:

  • There will be some noisy work in stage 2 areas - the old staff change rooms - Monday and Tuesday. This will affect all of the perioperative unit and departments which are adjacent to Hospital Street. 
  • Work begins in stage 4 (old tearoom and Tutorial Room).
  • Construction work will continue in stage 2 (new Theatre Admissions and Discharge Unit). The Perioperative Waiting Room will be closed from 11am on Friday for the rest of the day to allow new doors and hoarding to be installed.
  • Construction will be undertaken in stage 5 areas (old orderlies office, cleaners store).
  • Work will continue on the exterior of the link bridge. This will not affect use of the bridge by staff.

If you have any questions please email or visit link) (external link) for further information.

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