There will be noise and vibration each night this week from approx 8pm to 3am with work on stage two of the Surgical Services expansion underway. Stage two involves demolishing the old change rooms and building the new pre and post-operative unit. 

If you are in the hospital and have feedback or a question, please contact so the project team can look at this issue in the morning or if the matter is urgent speak with a member of staff. 

• Construction on link bridge continues through July
• Construction of the new orderlies room inside the old gift shop will be in its final stages
• Demolition and start of construction of stage 2a areas within perioperative unit 
• Structural work in basement.

• Some concrete cutting and works in the stage 2a area within perioperative unit from approx 8pm to 3am. This will include noise and vibration which might be heard outside perioperative
• Some work in the basement.

If you have any questions please email

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