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We know the past week has been busy for our Perioperative team with the hospital at capacity and the challenges from construction.

Thank you all for your continued patience and professionalism during this time.

The Surgical Services Expansion Project will be busy again this week and we are working closely with Hawkins to minimise disruption as much as possible.


  • Stage 1a areas will be completed 
  • Work will continue on the link bridge, including installation of windows
  • Construction will be happening in the old gift shop at Main Reception
  • Demolition will occur in part of day surgery to create a new staff entrance
  • Steel will be installed into the basement


  • There will be some noise and disruption around the day surgery area on Monday with flooring installation
  • Some steel will be moved into basement

If you have any questions please email projects@hbdhb.govt.nz or visit http://hbdhbprojects.nz/(external link) for further information.

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