Pre and post operative area 1

Work on stage two for the surgical services expansion to build a new pre and post-operative unit is underway. Stage two involves demolishing the existing staff change rooms and acute entrance, and building a new pre and post-operative unit. It is expected to last around four months.

Hawkins will be using Peppertree Lane for stage two - please avoid the area unless you need to evacuate in an emergency. As part of this work, Hawkins will need to use Peppertree Lane from around Thursday this week to start demolition.

We are on track to complete stage one by the end of July: Stage one, which started in January this year, is nearly complete.

This has involved: expanding the IT Hub Room in the roof space; building a dedicated pharmacy; and building a link bridge between Ruakopito and the theatre block so staff can walk between the two more easily in their surgical scrubs (clothing) and gives theatre staff access to their purpose-built change rooms and tea room in Ruakopito. The link bridge is scheduled to open towards the end of this month.

Stage three, which involved changing the old gift shop into a new orderlies room, was moved up in the schedule, and is now expected to be completed at the end of this month (ahead of stage 2).

The ATM in the main reception is now also up and running again.


What work is happening this week?


  • Steel install in basement
  • Work on link bridge, including installing the stairs to the bridge next to day surgery
  • Demolition of stage 1b areas within perioperative unit
  • Finishes being done in the new orderlies room (old gift shop)
  • Staff access corridor into day surgery being completed
  • Moving out of stage 2 areas (old staff change rooms and acute entrance) and hoardings being put up


  • Steel being loaded into basement

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