Surgical Services Expansion Project: Scheduled work, Monday 25 January until Friday 29 January

Thank you all for your understanding and support last week when the main entrance was closed. 

Here’s a quick overview of what’s happening in the week ahead:

  • The night works (around 7pm until 4am) will continue in the basement, with similar excavation, test drilling and noise as occurred last week. PACU will use the theatres for patient recovery during these times to minimise disruption and the Perioperative team will advise the clinical teams of arrangements.
  • The day works (around 7am until 5pm) happening in the basement will continue with the basement scabbling that occurred last week and a short period of basement test drilling on Tuesday.
  • Demolition of stage one areas within the perioperative unit will also begin this week, which will cause general construction noise around day surgery. 

Thank you again to everyone for your cooperation. We continue to monitor noise levels to ensure they are within safe levels and are working to minimise disruption wherever possible. 

If you have any issues, concerns or queries about this project, please speak with your manager or email 

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