Work is underway to refurbish our radiology department. The refurbishment will support us to provide quality diagnostics and procedures now and in the future for a range of conditions, including heart disease, emergency services and cancers. 

Work completed as at December 2023:

  • We installed a new CT Scanner i nRadiology's Tom McCormack Memorial CT Suite in October 2023.(external link) 
  • We've replaced our angiography unit(external link) and upgraded the room with new paint and vinyl flooring
  • We've refurbished three Digital Radiography rooms (formerly X-ray rooms), including optimising the layout to improve flow and better accommodate beds and stretchers, as well as new paint and vinyl flooring
  • We've also upgraded the equipment in all three Digital Radiography rooms(external link) - these now have state-of-the-art Philips Digital Diagnost C90 equipment
  • Replacing the fluroscopy unit(external link)
  • We've made a major software upgrade and minor hardware upgrade to our existing MRI machine.


Pictured top: Radiology leadership team, staff and project team members gathered athe blessing of the new CT Scanner in October.

A medical imaging technologist looks at the new Philips Digital Diagnost C90 in the refurbished digital radiography room at Hawke's Bay Hospital. 

Angiography unit

Fluroscopy unit

Watch to come includes: 

* adding a second CT scanner, bringing the total fleet to two

* an interior fit-out to accommodate a replacement MRI machine

We look forward to updating you as work progresses.